Digital Tax Accounts and Making Tax Digital – An Update

Digital Tax Accounts and Making Tax Digital – An Update Background: HM Revenue and Customs announced its new Making Tax Digital (MTD) in the March 2015 Budget but since this date, there have been many consultations and changes in the implementation dates. MTD had been planned to start in April 2018. It will now start […]

Class 2 National Insurance

Until 5 April 2015, every ‘self-employed earner’ who was over the age of 16 and under pensionable age was liable to pay Class 2 contributions at a set HMRC weekly rate. However from 6 April 2015, Class 2 contributions only applied to those with profits from a trade, profession or vocation exceeding the small profits […]

Income Tax Rates

Do you know what Income Tax Rates you will be paying this year? You pay income tax on any income you receive in a tax year over and above your Personal Allowance (currently £11,500). For this tax year there have been subtle changes to the income allowed before being banded in the next level. So […]

What Are The Current Income Tax Rates & Allowances?

The amount of Income Tax you pay in each tax year depends on the following: how much of your income is over your Personal Allowance how much of your income falls within each tax band There is also income which is tax free! The Tax-Free Personal Allowance – What is it? Each individual in the […]

Landlords – What Expenses Can You Deduct For Tax Purposes?

As a landlord and under UK law you can deduct certain expenses from your total rental income. The income tax you pay is then based upon the rental income figure after the deduction of these expenses. You therefore need to ensure that you have deducted all allowable expenses so that you are not overpaying your […]

gift with reservation

Is It Possible To Prevent A Gift With Reservation Of Benefit?

If you give away a chattel but continue to enjoy the use of it, then the gift with reservation rules may prevent this transfer from working for inheritance tax purposes. GIFTS WITH RESERVATION If an individual makes a lifetime gift of an asset, even if it is in excess of available inheritance tax (IHT) exemptions, […]

lottery syndicate

Are You Part of a Lottery Syndicate – If So You Need To Read This

There are many work places all over the UK who run a lottery syndicate. Staff normally put in an agreed amount each week, and a designated employee will use the collected funds to buy tickets. If your lucky numbers come up, then the prize is shared equally. However there is an issue which arises and […]

professional executor

Why Appoint A Professional Executor?

Have you considered appointing a professional executor fo your Will? In this article, we explore the advantages. There are many good reasons for appointing a professional executor in your Will, where for instance you have a number of personal properties such as a second home or rental, investments, pensions or your own business. In addition, […]

VAT & Flat Rate Guidance – News Alert

HMRC have updated their Flat Rate Scheme VAT Notice to provide some much needed further guidance for businesses who may be affected by the “Low Cost Trader “ provisions. Section 4: Determining your flat rate percentage has been updated by the addition of paragraphs 4.4, 4.5 and 4.6.   These provide Information on determining whether you […]

Deed of variation - impact on joint tenants

Deed of Variation – Impact on Joint Tenants

When there is a deed of variation entered into by the beneficiaries of a will or intestacy, the changes in the assets (which is known as disposition) are deemed to be those of the deceased.  However what happens if a surviving joint tenant joins into the variation and gives up his or her share in […]