probate application fees

Proposed Changes To Probate Application Fees

The Ministry of Justice proposes to reform the grant of probate application fees in England and Wales. The probate application fee is currently £155 if made by a solicitor and £215 if made by an individual due to the extra work involved for the court for an individual’s application. The government proposes to discard the […]

personal representatives

Personal Representatives & The Grant Of Representation

When a loved one dies, the person or persons who administer their estate are known as personal representatives. There are two types of personal representative – the first is an executor who is appointed by the Will and the second is an administrator where there is either no person appointed in the Will or there […]

self employed vs limited company

Self Employed vs Limited Company

I had a client come into the office recently to talk about the pros and cons of being self employed versus a limited company, a question I am asked alot – so I thought I would summarise these for you. Indeed and whilst there are numerous benefits to going limited, many businesses choose the sole […]


The 2015 US Tax Return deadline is April 18th 2016 for those within the USA and June 15th 2016 for those residing outside of the United States. However even if you are outside the UK, it is still a really good idea to file your US Return on or around April 15th. There are 5 easy […]