4 Steps For Applying For Probate

Probate can be complicated, in this infographic we show you the 4 steps involved when applying for probate from finding the will to preparing the accounts. If you would like our help to understand the implications in more detail for your specific situation, call us today on 02392 415976 or click on the ‘Request Call […]


What Is Probate And How We Can Help You

Losing a loved one can be one of the most stressful and emotional times of your life. It therefore seems unfair that during this time you may have the additional responsibilities of overseeing the legal and financial aspects of the deceased’s estate.  You can undertake this process yourself. However, at Babcock Probate we can take […]

professional executor

Why Appoint A Professional Executor?

Have you considered appointing a professional executor fo your Will? In this article, we explore the advantages. There are many good reasons for appointing a professional executor in your Will, where for instance you have a number of personal properties such as a second home or rental, investments, pensions or your own business. In addition, […]

Deed of variation - impact on joint tenants

Deed of Variation – Impact on Joint Tenants

When there is a deed of variation entered into by the beneficiaries of a will or intestacy, the changes in the assets (which is known as disposition) are deemed to be those of the deceased.  However what happens if a surviving joint tenant joins into the variation and gives up his or her share in […]

Estate Falls in Value

What Happens When An Estate Falls In Value?

In uncertain economic times and when you have to sell an estate asset to pay the Inheritance Tax (IHT) this sale can be for less than the probate value. But what happens when an estate falls in value? Is there any tax relief available to you? BACKGROUND We are all aware that the UK and […]

Probate – Questions & Answers – Pt1

Probate can be a very complicated area of the law at the best of times, but add this to the already high stress levels of an emotional time, and you find yourself completely confused. In this article we are going to go through some of the most common questions we get asked when dealing with […]


Reasonable Excuse, HMRC & Bereavement

Bereavement has often been accepted by HMRC as a reason to remove a penalty from a tax account (providing it is formally appealed in writing) which is rightly so. However a recent First Tier Tribunal case (Bryson vs HMRC TCo4894) reminds us that for the excuse to be reasonable, there is another requirement. The requirement is […]

probate application fees

Proposed Changes To Probate Application Fees

The Ministry of Justice proposes to reform the grant of probate application fees in England and Wales. The probate application fee is currently £155 if made by a solicitor and £215 if made by an individual due to the extra work involved for the court for an individual’s application. The government proposes to discard the […]

personal representatives

Personal Representatives & The Grant Of Representation

When a loved one dies, the person or persons who administer their estate are known as personal representatives. There are two types of personal representative – the first is an executor who is appointed by the Will and the second is an administrator where there is either no person appointed in the Will or there […]